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Android Tablets: Buyers Guide 2015

Summer is over and holiday season slowly approaching which means that it is the perfect time to start looking for your next Android device.

Best tablet for general use: Nexus 9

Price: $399.99

nexus 9

The Nexus 9 tablet is the newest addition to the Nexus line. The tablet is powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop, and, as a member of Google’s Nexus brand, Nexus 9 receives updates before other devices.

It boasts plenty of power thanks to its mighty Tegra K1 processor and Nvidia Kepler DX1 GPU. This puts the tablet on par with the SHIELD Tablet when it comes to gaming performance.

The 8.9 inches large screen with 4:3 aspect ration is maybe not perfect for watching movies and playing games, but it is absolutely amazing for doing actual work or browsing the web. The screen is bright and exhibits many characteristics of high-end displays in gamma, color, and outdoor viewing.

The tablet is also very well optimized in terms of battery life and can last you a whole day (or 6+ hours of continuous use) without any issues.

There are two known issues that you should be aware of before purchasing this tablet. The camera takes quite bad pictures and requires a long time to properly focus. If you know that you will be using your tablet as a camera then it might be a good idea to look elsewhere. There is also no microSD card slot which means that you have to live with either 16 or 32 GB of storage space.

But if any of those two issues is not really a big problem for you, then Nexus 9 is a great buy and an excellent tablet.

Best tablet for gamers: NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet

Price: $299.00

nvidia shield

NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet is in many ways similar to the Nexus 9 but more direct focus on gaming.

The tablet is powered by the Tegra K1 processor which ensures a top notch performance in every game you can download from Play Store.

In addition to Play Store and Tegra exclusive games, you can also enjoy the ability to stream games from NVIDIA GTX powered Windows machines directly to your tablet for the ultimate portable gaming experience. Some games are way more fun when played in this way.

Just like the Nexus 9 tablet, SHIELD also runs near stock Android system so you do not have to fight any clunky UI and can focus on gaming itself.

If there is something to critique when it comes to NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet, it would have to be the quality of plastic materials used in this tablet. The tablet just does not feel as solid as you might expect which is a shame since it is otherwise an excellent device.

Best value for your money: Cube Talk 9X U65GT

Price: $159.80


Cube Talk 9x might be the biggest surprise of this year. This little-known Chinese company managed to deliver  a high-quality tablet that rivals 2x more expensive competition both in terms of its performance but also when it comes to the build quality.

Cube Talk 9x is powered by MTK8392 Octa Core Cortex A7 chipset clocked at 1.66 GHz together with 2GB of RAM. This ensures that everything feels fast and smooth and you definitely won’t experience any lag when using this tablet.

The “Talk” in the name of this tablet hints its cellular network ability. There is additional 2 MP camera on the front and 8 MP camera on the back. Their quality is ok for general use, but nothing exceptional.

The earlier version of this tablet came with somewhat grainy screen, but this issue should be fixed by now, although it might still be a good idea to ask your seller first.

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