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Android can modify the whole thing about your home screen, which you can perform with an intermediary application launcher. Android has enough of great launchers, but the best android launcher is Nova Launcher.

As an android luncher, it maintains an excellent perfect stability between extraordinary performance and great customizability without acquiring too tough and gimmicky to use.


Nova Launcher is an excellent home launcher for Android devices operating Android version 4.0 or higher. It’s very similar to Android’s in-built launcher but provides a lot of added features like widget overlapping, themes, placing widgets in your dock and scroll effects. The traditional version is obtainable for free.

Price: Free ($4 for Nova Launcher Prime)



  • Customizable app drawer can support multi-directional as well as transparent scrolling
  • It provides infinite scrolling through the home screens and app drawer
  • It also offers customizable 2D and 3D scroll effects as well as smooth scrolling effects
  • Choose multi-item for bulk including apps or things to home screens or folders
  • It gives a customizable dock with unlimited scrolling and several pages of icons
  • Various customizable colours for launcher windows, tools, and accents
  • From ADW Launcher, it offers customizable icons through icon packs or downloadable icon packs
  • Theme support, involving support for themes from the present to out-dated ADW Launcher
  • Full control over widget arrangement on-screen, involving the possibility to overlap them if you like to save space
  • Customize folder backgrounds, icons, and many more
  • Support for introducing your former icon design and widget locations from your phone’s stock launcher or alternative launcher
  • Stand for widgets in the dock
  • Uninstall apps straightway from the app drawer or home screen
  • Customizable instant-launch signs to launch apps or shortcuts from the home screen
  • Folders appearing in the tradition Folder tabs and App Drawer
  • Missed call, unread SMS and Gmail symbols in the dock icons
  • Possibilities to keep secret unused or unwanted apps from the app drawer by without uninstalling them

Nova Launcher is possibly one of the most well- observed app launchers at Google Play. It’s customizable, variable, and high-speed without swamping down your phone with a load of annoying bloat. It’s very well-polished and vigorously updated. Even though you don’t like a lot of adjusting possibilities and controls, you can cut it down to make it appear and sense like a standard Android app launcher.

Nova was one of the preferred launchers so long before, and even nowadays that the age of app launchers has occurred in many ways like Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich, nevertheless it’s well-loved, and a super-light alternative launcher if you wish for something easier, much more customizable, and less inflated than TouchWiz or Sense on the 4.0+ device.

We have to provide them supports for bringing Jelly Bean’s launcher kits and choices to ICS devices, and you can realize in our featured Android home screens that it has a stack of customization capability.

By following this article you can easily understand that Nova launcher is the best alternative launcher among all other android launchers.

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