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Top 3 Best YouTube Downloader for Android

We’ve all been here. You become so fascinated with the latest video you have watched on YouTube and you madly wanted to download it now. You want to watch it all over again and the only possible way you can do is to download it. But the problem is what specific downloader app will be most suitable to your Android phone.

Looking for the best android YouTube downloader is not an easy task as a lot exist out there nowadays. There is a likely chance you will become confused and demotivated in trying to find an appropriate solution, as a lot of broken ones exist out there. But let’s face it, that’s why you came here. To help you out with this, here are some YouTube downloader applications that have the capacity of meeting all your needs coming along with their own line of features.

  • FREEdi YouTube Downloader

    This downloading application makes it easy to watch YouTube videos and even provides faster downloading process, in comparison. The videos can be downloaded in numerous video formats and you have the option of high quality. The user is allowed to pause or even resume the download supports. It is providing an Auto Re- Download feature enables you to resume the downloading process automatically even while reconnecting. In playing the videos, built in streaming player is given to the user. This is compatible with both lower and high end android versions.


    Supports High Quality and HD playback even on a 3g/4g Network.
    Play videos from playlists continously.
    Retain favorite playlists created by others.
    Create playlists without logging into YouTube

  • Video Tube

    Another popular YouTube downloader which allows the user to use touch gestures for quick rewind, forward, alter speed and track skip, background playing (important), AB looping, orientation locking and much more. Basically, it’s a great YouTube utility which is featured packed and actually makes YouTube more fun to browse.


  • Summary:

    Includes abilities to shuffle, video repeat and playlist repeat
    Background playing.
    User touch-screen controls
    Visibility and usability of interface is spectacular.

  • iTube pro for PlayTube

    Finding a downloader App for Android is difficult since YouTube changes their Terms of Use policy. iTube pro does not have the ability to download, as yet, however, it does support HD video. In addition to this there is no need for registration and once the videos have cached to your phone there is no need for WiFi for watching them in the future.


    No registration, free App.
    No Wifi needed once cached initially.
    Supports HD video.

  • EXTRA Link – by Dentex

    This is from my friend Dentex, compatible with Android 4+.

Through the use of the above mentioned YouTube downloader applications, you are taking the reigns of your Android device, pushing it ever further. You are not just providing your phone with a newer, more powerful application, but also paving the way in giving you the entertainment you deserve. All desired videos are downloaded faster without causing too many problems on your part, hopefully. If not, let us know and we will be happy to carry out additional research. Choose one from the options above and see how compatible and sleek they are for your Android phone. Hopefully today you’ve found the most suitable android YouTube downloader, or at least player, for you.

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