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Blocking of an unwanted phone number on an Android device was expected to be an easy task in 2013, but it isn’t so yet. While carriers basically do not offer such service for free, Android has no integration of such a blocking service.

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Well, if you are an Android user, you are quite lucky as you’ve got a number of ways to block unwanted calls, maybe its telemarketers or some disturbing fellows. Check out the below discussions to know some ways of blocking unwanted calls on your Android device.


While some makers add a blocking feature to their custom skins, tech giant Google has not come up with the facility to block calls on Android. Now, if you are a Samsung Android device owner, you can avail this feature.

On your Samsung device, open ‘Phone App’ followed by a tap on the ‘Menu’ button and the go through Call settings > Call rejection > Auto Reject List. Check mark the ‘Unknown’ option so that all calls from ‘Unknown’ phone numbers are automatically rejected.

You can also use the ‘Create’ button and make additions of the phone numbers, one after the other, those which you want to block.


There is an option on your Android device with which calls from specific numbers can be sent to your voicemail. You can also use the profile with a silent ringtone so that you are not disturbed with the calls. Telemarketers leave any voicemail and hence this feature is best for blocking telemarketers.

On your device, open Dialer App, swipe on to the history menu followed by a tap on the number. Then tap on the ‘Add to contacts’ option in order to add the number to your device’s contacts.

Now, navigate to the People App and select the contact you have just added, tap the ‘Menu’ button and select ‘All calls to voicemail’ in order to send all the calls from that number to your voicemail automatically. Or else you can tap on ‘Set ringtone’ and then select the ‘None’ to ascertain a silent ringtone.


Mr. Number

If you want to block unwanted calls while this feature is not available on your phone, you better use a third-party app such as Mr.Number. With this app, you calls will be automatically hung up which much efficiently blocks unwanted calls from getting into your voicemail even.

You will always come across some mixed reviews in context to third-party call blockers as they work perfectly for some users while for some, it is annoying depending on the Android they are using.


Do you use Google Voice? Yes? You are entitled to block calls via the settings on your Google Voice. When you use this, Google Voice plays a recorded message which says “this number has been disconnected”. For this, you just need to have a Google Voice account online and then simply select the caller whom you want to block.


So, these are the ways in which you can get rid of unwanted and annoying calls on your Android device. If you are a Samsung device owner, use integrated phone options or else go for third party apps or Google Voice.

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