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5 Cool Apps for Android

Nowadays, let’s face it, Android seems to be a good bet in the Apple vs Android debate. Certainly, on smartphones this a far more versatile operating system with almost limitless capabilities for customization. However, with the massive Android user base and less regulated Apps application procedure, comes a massively flooded market of Apps – but that’s why we’ve assorted several cool apps for android for your perusal below. PSSSH…. they’re all FREE.

 5. NASA App


Here you go. I’m not going to spoil this, it’s an awesome little App – not exactly little because it continues to grow with over 13,000 images. If you’re an aspiring Astronaut or a space cadet this is going to be an extra cool app for android.  Discover the latest pics, vids, mission information (awesome), news, feature stories, tweets, NASA TV and featured content with the NASA App for Android.

4. AirBnb


Download here. Editor’s choice too, as a Bed and Breakfast owner and a frequent traveller, I find this one indispensable. With over 450,000 listings in more than 34,000 cities, Airbnb is sure to help you find a place to stay.  A cool app for android if you’re stranded! Message guests, hosts, plan itinerary, add places to your Wish List – travelling and hosting has become crazily easy. Open up your door.

3. Cocktail Flow – Drink Recipes



I’m not encouraging anything. (Download link) But come on, it’s the perfect occassion – you’ve just discovered a cool app for android that has an entire library of cocktails for you to mix up. Shaken, stirred, whatever the style you will find all you need in this handy app, oh and if needed, you can pay for access to extra exclusive cocktails. It’s awesome, you have your own illustrated bar which you can stock up so you can plan you evenings at work.

2. Google Translate


Download. This is incredibly sleek and optimized on Android devices, I tried it earlier and was able to converse naturally while Google Translated. Fantastic, handy little thing and I can’t wait to see this get better and better. You can already translate offline so it’s perfect for travelling. Speak, write, type or take a picture to translate and with over 80 different languages this could definitely save you one day while travelling.  So, don’t be afraid, break down those language barriers as Google Translate says.

1. Pocket


I saved this for last and with this cool app, you can save pages for last. Basically, save interesting things easily to Pocket and read them later. Don’t try emailing it to yourself, save the hassle and use this baby. Also, 10 million plus people use this on a daily basis – they can’t be wrong? Oh, and it got Webby Award for Best Productivity App 2014. Well, this will definitely going in my awesome App bank – it’s just so easy to the eyes and the sleek interface is so friendly to my fingers.

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