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Deals from China #1

In this new series we will be taking a look at the best gadgets and accessories that you can buy from China. Although shipping times may be quite long, the prices make up for it big time.

1. Awei ES800M 3.5mm In-ear Earphones

Awei ES800M

For only $6.49 Awei ES800M are an extraordinary deal. They come with 3 sizes of silicone tips and a leather pouch with a spring system to open it. The sound quality is at least few categories higher than the price would suggest and the build quality is equally great. Their make great gym headphone because of their fantastic isolation and durable cable.

Technical details:

  • Sensitivity: 95dB +/- 3dB
  • Impedance: 16 ohms +/- 15%
  • Frequency Response: 20 ~ 20000Hz
  • Drive: 9mm
  • Cord length: 1.2m (Flat cable design)

You can buy them directly from AliExpress.com.

2. Portable Bluetooth shower speaker

Potable Bluetooth shower speaker

If you like to listen to your music no matter where you are than this little fella might be useful. This water resistant Bluetooth speaker lets you listen to your music in the shower or at the beach without any hassle. It even has a build-in microphone, so you can enjoy hands free calling. It runs on 3.7V 400mhA lithium battery and should last for about 6 hours. Plenty of time for most cases.

Technical details:

  • Bluetooth support: V3.0 +EDR
  • Range: 10 meters
  • Transmitting frequency: 2.4GHZ
  • Power supply: DC5V/100-120mA
  • Frequency response: 100HZ-20KHZ
  • Output: 3w
  • Weight: 197g
  • Speaker Size: 85*85*45mm

Buy it for $7.66 on Aliexpress.com.

3. Waterproof case

Water-proof case

Summer is the season when our beloved electronic devices get to experience the great joys of outdoors. Be it water, sand or dust, all these can quickly turn our new shine phone or tablet into a useless brick or at least do some nasty damage. Probably the simples and most affordable protection is a simple universal waterproof case. Case like the one on the picture can cost not much more than

$2 and offer a basic protection. You cannot expect it to be tight enough for diving or prolonged exposure to water, but when it comes to rain or dirt, it can really save the day.

You can buy many different models in many different colors, so shop around and make sure you select the one you like the best. The one in our picture can be purchased from AliExpress.com.

4. Xiaomi Mi Power Strip

Xiaomi Power Strip

Largest smartphone vendor Xiaomi is known mainly for their mobile phone and power banks. Now they extended their product line with its reimagined power strip. The Mi Power Strip is similar in size to a pencil case. It has three power sockets and three surge-protected USB ports with 2.1A quick charging. Phosphor bronze connection and an advance overcurrent protection ensure maximum safety for your device.

Technical details:

  • Rated input: 10A, 250V ~
  • Rated output: 10A, 250V (power jack)
  • Rated power: 2500W
  • USB module input: 100-240V ~, 50 / 60Hz, 0.5A
  • USB module output: a single USB, 5V — 2.1A (TYP)
  • Size: L × B × H = 225 × 41 × 26 (mm)
  • Product Length: full-length 1.8m
  • *Weight: 300g (including cable)

It costs just a little over $15 and you can buy it from banggood.com.

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