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Dialer Replacements Worth Trying

Most people use default dialer that came with their version of Android operating system. It does what it supposed to do and does it well, but in case you might desire some advanced functionality or customization we have created a list of the best dialer replacements available on Android. 


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.truecaller.phoneapp]

Truedialer with one incredibly useful feature. It has an ability to add names and photos to your call history so you don’t ever need to wonder whose number that is. This is possible thanks to an admirable effort of an online community at Truecaller. Over a hundred million users have contributed and transformed the mobile phonebook experience by creating a database of more than 1.6 billion phone numbers.

With such a great database, it is only natural that the guys behind Truedialer would continue to add more functionality. One feature that is often very handy is the ability to search for people or businesses beyond the numbers and contacts you have in your own phone. You can simply type in “Italian pizza” and Truedialer will provide you with a list of appropriate numbers sorted by their relevance to you.

The search functionality is fast and snappy with a built-in T9 functionality. You can also switch to a dark theme and if you have a phone with 2 SIM card slots you will be pleased to know that Truedialer has no problem with 2 SIM cards.

Selected features:

  • Access over 1.6 billion contacts using the Truecaller search integration
  • No more unknown numbers in your call history
  • T9 search for fastest access to contacts
  • Access information about your contacts even those you haven’t saved
  • Support for over 500 Dual SIM devices
  • User-friendly shortcuts to access different features (ie: swipe left, swipe right)
  • Dark theme

Ready Contacts + Dialer

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.ready.android]

Ready Contacts app and Dialer is a one of  the best looking apps out there. It is completely redesigned using Google’s Material design and has an extensive third-party integration and support.

When you start Ready Contacts app and Dialer you are greeted with a set of contact cards that are your customizable speed dial. Besides easy dialing and contact management, this app is set to help you improve your overall calling experience and time management. There are two distinctive bubbles. One appears when you have an incoming call and the other one appears after the call ends. The first one keeps you up to date on any reminders associated with the person who is calling you. That way you will know ahead what the person may want from you. The after-call bubble is there to give you a quick access to calendar, WhatsApp, Viber or Gmail to finish anything that might have come up during your conversation right away rather than postponing it and potentially forgetting.

Selected features:

  • Incoming and after call bubble
  • Calendar, Call and SMS log for your contacts.
  • Quick actions for your contacts
  • Filter for your contacts group
  • Whatsapp, Viber, Hangouts integrations for your contacts
  • Search in metadata

There is also a pro version that you can activate using an in-app purchase. It offers additional themes and colors, predictive T9 dialer, more ringtones and it is completely ad-free. You will need Android 4.0 or higher to run this application.


[appbox googleplay screenshots org.dnaq.dialer2]

Dialer2 is a fast T9 dialer designed specifically for Android operating system. If you are familiar with HTC’s take on Android, you might recognize some familiar design elements since Dialer2 is directly inspired by the HTC dialer.

This application is focused on providing you with an intuitive and fast experience rather than throwing a barrage of seemingly cool features on you that you will really never use. It has a speed dial, call log, T9 dialer and even Facebook image sync. Sadly it has been a long time since the author of this app made any updates to it but that doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with it. It works especially good on older devices with low RAM and slower CPU.

Selected features:

  • Speed Dial
  • Call Log
  • Fast T9 dialer
  • Facebook contact image sync
  • Filtering on contacts based on contact names or numbers
  • Click to call default number
  • Long click to open alternate contact view


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.modoohut.dialer]

ExDialer is an easy-to-use dialer that is both fast and light-weight and very functional at the same time. It has all those standard functions that you are used to from other launchers like T9, themes, speed dialer, and so on.

ExDialer also supports various plugins. ConnectVibrate plugin performs vibrate notification when outgoing call connected or call disconnected while Geocoder plugin provides the location information of phone numbers.

You can install ExDialer for free but you have only 5 days to try it out. When the trial period expired, you will be asked to buy PRO version.

Selected features:

  • Super easy-to-use
  • Fast and smooth
  • Extra light-weight
  • Smart T9 algorithm
  • 30+ languages
  • Directly call/text to someone by swiping left/right
  • Various themes and plugins

Contacts +

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.contapps.android]

I have intentionally left Contacts+ until the end because it basically is an all-in-one solution for your contact and dialer needs. It has a powerful called ID functionality that can be easily combined with a built-in SMS/caller block. With Contacts+ you will be able to both avoid unwanted phone calls but also completely prevent ever getting them again in the future.

You list of contacts is protected with an integrated backup and sync service. The application allows for an easy customization and integration with WhatsApp, Twitter and Foursquare services.

This app has bean downloaded more than 5 million times and has a score of 4.2 stars. It is free to play with in-app purchases. If you are looking for a more fully featured solution Contacts+ is the way to go.

Selected features:

  • Caller ID
  • Calls & SMS block
  • Contacts, SMS and Call log backup
  • Quick actions for calls / SMS
  • Smart sort
  • 5 Themes
  • Grid / List contacts view
  • WhatsApp, Twitter & Foursquare integrated in your contacts
  • Merge duplicate contacts
  • Customizable contacts widget
  • Fast dialer search
  • Android Wear support
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