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End Procrastination with These Three Apps

Everybody procrastinates sometimes – that is just how things are. Some only a little while others can postpone things for days. No matter which camp you are in, with these three Android application your procrastination can become a thing of the past.

Goalist Daily Planner & Goals

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.cambiastic.goalist]

This application from Irish studio Cambiastic was created to help you pick and complete your daily and immediate goals. Goalist should be you guide and help on your journey to self-improvement.

The app lets you monitor your time usage and various other kinds of data related to your task. The creators list an example in which they illustrate how can use Goalist to help you track the number of crunches on your goal to rock hard abs. There is also an ability to write notes to your goals and customize your notifications.

Goalist is very friendly to older devices because it runs on Android 2.3.3 and higher and requires just 26 MB of RAM.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.ocdevel.habitrpg]

This unique application from American studio called OCDevel lets you create your own character who has a health bar, inventory, experience points, level, and a set of quests that you input as your daily goals. If you don’t complete your goal on time, you will lose some of your health and if your health bar becomes empty  you will die.

Sadly the actual goal setting is more limited than we could find in Goalist. Sometimes the RPG aspect dictates your goal setting mechanics to such a degree that it becomes a burden. This can be observed also in the fact that the game has a Free 2 Play mechanic related to RPG mechanics.

But if you find the gaming aspect interesting you should give it a go. It is fun and motivational at the same time and will definitely help you achieve your goals.

Raise The Bar

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.lvl.xpbar]

Raise the Bar from American studio afewguys Apps uses bars to track things. You can visually observe your progress to better interact with your goals and maintain focus.

Raise the Bar uses three main methods of measuring. The first one is leveling. After you achieve a certain result you simply level-up. Another method keeps track of your progress in percents to show you how far with your goals you are. And the last method is your typical checklist.

You can also set-up a deadline, reminders, and even repeated tasks. For each task, you can choose a background, foreground, and color to make them easily distinguishable from each other.

Raise the Bar also has a paid version without advertising. It also comes with goal and task widgets, patterns for bars, and unlimited reminders.

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