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Five Android Kickstarter Projects to Keep an Eye On


Kickstarter is a popular crowdsourcing website that has already enabled countless projects to become a reality. Given the enormous popularity of Android, it’s no wonder that many app developers and accessories makers and campaigning on Kickstarter to raise funds for their projects. Let’s take a look at top 5 best Android Kickstarter projects for October.




Feltboard is a wireless smartphone charging pad that is compatible with Qi technology and works with Android and iPhone devices.

Designers of this charger understand that not everyone is keen on being surrounded with plastic and metal electronic devices. This charging pad is made to feel organic and nicely blend into many different environments and home design arrangements. The charge is very simple to use since all you really need to do is to place the phone on the pad and the charging process will automatically begin. You can pick up your phone anytime without worrying about cables to unplug.

Feltboard is available in several different colors (chocolate/nature, graphite/graphite, hazelnut/hazelnut, sky/hazelnut, ocean/hazelnut, orange/hazelnut, lime/graphite and pink/nature) and its price starts at 49 euros. Delivery is estimated on March 2016.

Brütal Age


Brütal Age is an innovative MMO Strategy game for iOS and Android devices. The basic concept behind this game is simple: you fight, conquer, and protect to gain the ultimate dominance in a ruthless barbarian world.

The studio behind this game, Tap4Fun, has already released three successful MMO strategy games (Spartan Wars, King’s Empire and more recently Invasion). Brutal Age should be special in several different aspects. It puts more emphasis on freedom and sandbox style gameplay without boring players with an endless array of repetitive tasks. Players can also build multiple OutPosts, use google-maps inspired zoom system, discover hidden relics, spread fire, build traps, and much more.

You can contribute with as little as $1 to get a Brutal Age wallpaper and $5 to get bonus items and access to the game itself.




Braintoss is a simple but very effective application that sends your thoughts straight into your inbox. What started as a Tuesday evening gig has turned into a very useful GTD tool for Android and iOS.

You can record a voice message, take a picture, or write a text. Everything you need to remind yourself off will be forwarded directly into your mailbox where you won’t miss it.




DVO is an iOS and Android mobile app that offers honest and personal daily devotions, thoughts and conversations around God, faith and life.

Everything is centered around beautifully designed scriptures and quotes, along with a fluid and easy to use interface, it’s easy to share with your friends or on your social media platforms at the tap of a button.

DVO is a husband and wife team with a strong passion for helping others discover God in the everyday life.




Leanified is a simple yet addictive photo editing app that allows for quick and expressive art pieces and collages.

You can take various forms of music subculture, internet symbols, nonwestern characters and marry them on top of a digital art canvas. The app is currently available only on the App Store and developers would love to see it on the Android operating system.

To achieve this goal, they need to raise $16,450 in the next 23 days. Your support will be rewarded with various cool merchandise, including stickers, backpacks, post cards, skatedeck, or coffee table book.

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