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Are you using an Android mobile and worried what apps you have to use to make your smart phone more smart and flexible. Here are some apps that make your mobile more flexible.

1. Dolphin Browser:

Dolphin browser will listen to you and allows you to search for the required content on internet share your favorites on the social networking sites, bookmark your favorite sites, and navigate. If you are using more than one Android device the new version of android device allows synchronizing between them so that you no need to carry both the devices.

Dolphin Browser have special feature called Webzine, this allows you to display the publications in the form of thumbnails, tap the thumbnail to display the content in the new web page.

For us, one of the cleverest features of dolphin is Meaningful gestures. Gestures allows you to draw some meaning full symbols to perform some frequently done actions like opening a new page, refreshing a page etc, go directly to your favorite website. If require you can even customize the Gestures and create your own Gestures.

2. Dropbox:

Dropbox lets you to store the data in your device in a cloud so that you can access the data from anywhere. Users can store data very easily in the cloud and even it’s easier to access the data from the cloud. This will allow you to bring all your files, photos, documents, videos anywhere.

If you install and upload all your files, photos or document to Dropbox, you can access them anywhere. Uploading of data is much similar as you do it in your web browser and you can even download the uploaded data. You can share uploaded data to friends and family.

The latest version of Dropbox allows you to upload streaming videos which can be inspected later. This app even provides the scheduling of uploading, downloading and sharing of data. It also displays the time for uploading, downloading, and sharing of data. Dropbox will let you know about the scheduling by giving notifications.

3. AirDroid:

AirDroid is a mobile app that will allow you to take complete control of your android device through your computer web browser. The only thing is that you need to connect both the devices to the same Wi-Fi network. This app will let you transfer files, manage your SMS, save photos and install applications without plugging in your phone to your computer. It will allow you to send SMS and access your contacts from your desktop. You can directly send and receive messages. The transfer speed of files depends on the speed of Wi-Fi connection.

4. Advanced Task killer:

Android OS runs on multitasking, there can run some tasks in the back ground unknown to the user. These tasks decrease the performance of the phone and sometimes it leads to hanging up of the device. To kill such tasks advanced task killer is used. This app will kill the tasks that run in the background.

This application will show you the list of applications that are installed and the tasks that are running, by viewing that list you can select the task that we want to kill and kill the applications. Sometimes you can directly uninstall the apps that are not required and are consuming much of CPU time and degrade the performance of the device.

Advanced Task killer also allows you to schedule time to kill the tasks time to time and it will give you notification about the tasks that are running in the background and the tasks that are killed according to the schedule.

5. Angry Bird:

Angry Bird is the only game that does not need any introduction. This was released as a small game into the market and grabbed attention of many people, and now this is one of the most used gaming apps among smartphones. This game has all the things that are required to be the best game like graphics, colors, animations, sound effects and many other things.

The basic concept of this is destroying the pigs which tale the eggs of the birds. Later on several versions are released basing on the basic concept and the appearance. You have to launch your bird from the floating asteroid and target it to the other asteroid. In some of the levels your bird and the pig shares the same plate and you have to defend it.

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  1. Hunter says:

    Thanks for the great app ideas, Mohd. Having used most of these apps, I would recommend Boat Browser over Dolphin. I have yet to test out AirDroid; I think I might do that once I get home from my shift at DISH. My personal must have app list is topped by the DISH Anywhere app. It streams live TV and recorded programming, so I can watch TV wherever I go. I love to take it fishing with me because now I can watch the Rockies live instead of listening to them on the radio.

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