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Google Cardboard VR: Where to Buy and What to Try

Google Cardboard VR is the cheapest way how to experience virtual reality with just your smartphone. It will cost you virtually nothing, and there are many great games to try. This article is an overview for those who have yet to try this great platform developed by Google.

Google Cardboard was introduced to the public at the Google I/O 2014 conference. Google want their ultra-cheap VR solution to be accessible to as many people as possible. That is why they don’t actually manufacture anything themselves, but instead, they freely provide all schematics and specifications on their website.

It’s up to you whether you decide to purchase a pre-build solution or assemble it on your own.

The most important question to answer is, of course, what can you do with Google Cardboard.

Google features many amazing Cardboard Apps on the Play Store. You have your pictures and video viewers, 3D games of all genres, and various experimental projects. Google is also working on integration Cardboard-compatible 3D video into YouTube, which means there won’t be any shortage of interesting things to do.

Now that we know what Google Cardboard does, I think it’s time to look at some of the best prebuilt solutions that you can buy.

Cheap DIY Google Cardboard



These simple and cheap Google Virtual reality glasses are the perfect solution for those who want to give Cardboard a try without spending too much money on it.

They can fit 5.0″ smartphone and come with lenses, magnets, velcro, rubber band, and the pre-cut cardboard itself.

For just $1.17, you can hardly go wrong. Available from Aliexpress.com.

RITECH II Head Mount Virtual Reality Glasses



RITECH II glasses are much more technically advanced than the basic solution from Google. They can hold 3.5 – 6″ smartphone and are made out of high-quality plastic materials.

They are designed to accommodate prescription glasses and their aspherical lens eliminate any unwanted distortion.

These plastic glasses cost $12.59 and you can get them from Aliexpress.com.

2015 Google cardboard VR BOX

vr box


At $24.49, VR Box is the most expensive Google Cardboard solution on our list.

It can fit phones from 3.5 to 6″ in size and has a beautifully designed futuristic look. These glasses allow for an easy adjustment of both focal length and object distance to accommodate all head shapes and sizes.

If you are looking for a truly premium solution, this is what you want to buy. You can find them on Aliexpress.com.

Top 3 Google Cardboard Games

Now that you have your Cardboard glasses ready, it’s finally time to play some games. Here are our top 3 favorite Google Cardboard games from the Play Store.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.dejobaangames.caaaaardboard]

Caaaaardboard! lets you dive off of buildings floating above Boston, Massachusetts.  This game is all about precise timing and style. Cardboard really adds an amazing feeling of immersion and enjoyment to this game, and you will be definitely often going back from more.

Hidden Temple – VR Adventure

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.hg.hiddentemple]

Hidden Temple makes you the center piece of a thrilling virtual reality adventure. You goal is to escape from an ancient temple before it becomes your tomb.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.google.samples.apps.cardboarddemo]

The Cardboard app helps you launch your favorite VR experiences, discover new apps, and set up a viewer. There are several demos to try, including Earth, Tour Guide, Photo Sphere, and interactive animated short story from Spotlifht Stories.

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