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You know well that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the highly buzzed high-end smartphones in the market. As you must have come across a number of variants of this flagship device, you must know the AT&T variant of the device.

Now, if you are the one who owns the AT&T variant of this flagship device and if your device’s SIM has been locked for your country by the carrier, you better get it unlock with the procedure we suggest you rather than shelling some bucks to the service provider.

It’s a waste of money if you are going to the service provider after grabbing your attention on to this post as we have come up with the guide to unlock the SIM of your Galaxy S4. This procedure that we suggest you is quite easy and hassle free and so you can simply unlock the SIM of your device without spending money.


You need to unlock the SIM of your device to have control over your device when you are using it outside the carrier’s country. However, there is risk as you may end bricking your device and in fact chances of this are high if you do not perform the operations properly. Special thanks to XDA developer sush143555 for coming up with such a method to unlock the SIM of AT&T Galaxy S4.

Note: You need a lot of patience to do this and we won’t be responsible if any damage is caused to your device. You do not need to download anything but simply follow the instructions discussed below.


1. First of all, take your AT&T Galaxy S4 onto your palms and open the dialer application from the menus provided.

2. Next, you need to tap these digits and signs: *#0011#

3. Now, first press the ‘Menu’ key and then press the ‘Back’ key.

4. Press the ‘Menu’ key once more and then you need to select ‘KEY INPUT.’

5. Now tap 1 and then tap on the OK tab to get into the ‘ServiceMode’ window.

6. Once again, press the ‘Menu’ button and then press the ‘Back; button.

7. With this, you get into the ServiceMode and here, tap on 1 for the UMTS.

8. When you in the UMTS, tap on 1 in order to choose ‘DEBUG SCREEN.’

9. Now, tap 6 to choose ‘PHONE CONTROL.’

10. Next, tap 6 once more to navigate to ‘NETWORK LOCK.’

11. Here, you get three options from which you need to tap 3 to select ‘PERSO SHA256 OFF.’

12. Now, navigate back to the main menu and this you can do by first pressing the ‘Menu’ key and then pressing the ‘Back’ key.

13. When you are in the main menu, tap 6 to choose ‘COMMON’ and then tap 6 to select ‘NV REBUILD.’

14. Finally, the device will ask for Golden backup for which you just need to tap on 4 to restore the backup.

When you are done with the above steps, your device freezes and the display turns dark and then the LED turns blue. After all this, your device automatically reboots and you’ve got the network unlocked permanently.

Image Credit: 1000 Words / Shutterstock.com

Comments (3)

  1. ed says:

    sadly it seems samsung keeps changing access to its menu’s pressing 6 to choose phonecontrol says ‘Menu not exist’

  2. Bettina Pena' says:

    Didn’t work for me. Tried 5 times.The phone won’t go to past, 7. With this, you get into the ServiceMode and here, tap on 1 for the UMTS.
    Maybe I’m just doing it wrong…??

  3. Chris Hawkes says:

    it doesn’t a big matter to unlock at&t samsung phones. i asked at&t to give me code but they didn’t so got from http://www.attlumiaunlockcode.com .. now phone is unlocked. Thanks

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