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HUDWAY Glass: An Intelligent Head-up Display for Your Car

Using our smartphones while driving a car is a very dangerous thing to do and reproductions may be fatal. Yet, the convenience of GPS navigation is often simply too big to up. Finally, there is a cheap and effective solution to this problem.

HUDWAY is a universal head-up display that let you comfortably see information displayed on your smartphone while simultaneously minimalizing distraction and thus the possibility of a car accident.

The main component of this head-up display is its reflective special glass. It is made out of plastic material that is highly resistant to shattering. Its aspheric shape produces an image that is approximately 20% larger than the original without any noticeable distortion or optical imperfections. You can safely look through it on the road and be sure that what you are seeing is true to the reality.


Since every dashboard is slightly different, HUDWAY can be vertically adjusted by 30 degrees. The smartphone itself is held in place be magnets and anti-slippery padding (don’t worry these magnets won’t damage your device).

HUDWAY have developed a few different applications for Android and iOS and there are also some apps by third-party developers. These include the official HUDWAY app that is designed to assist drivers when navigating in low visibility conditions on rural or remote roadways, speedometer app that alerts you when you are exceeding the speed limit, Sygic navigation, Navmii, and even Baidu maps.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.RITLLC.HUDWAY]

The official HUDWAY app is definitely the most interesting out of them all. It displays navigation in a very minimalistic and thus highly readable format that gives you everything you need without any distractions.

It works with Google and OpenStreetMap (OSM) maps and uses professional voice assistance to help you keep your eyes firmly fixed on the road. It has all standard features of your regular GPS navigation software, including turn-by-turn navigation, 3D road view, average and maximum speed calculation, acceleration calculation, sharing, support for both imperial and metric units, and so on.

HUDWAY Glass App

The relatively low rating of 3.6 stars on Play Store tells us that it could use a little bit more work. Users complain primarily about its poor optimization and complex interface that is very hard to navigate and get used to.

Developers will hopefully take a hint and try to improve their application. Luckily, the third-party solutions work very well.

It’s great to see technology solving real problems in new and creative ways. Reports say that 22% of all auto accidents happen because of a driver multitasking and/or low visibility conditions — that is 750 deaths a day worldwide. Head-up displays were up to now available only in luxury cars or as an expensive add-on. HUDWAY is really the first device to tackle this problem in an affordable and convenient way.

Early birds can get the device for $34 which is $15 less than what HUDWAY costs normally. We suggest that you go over to their Kickstarter page and watch some of their videos – maybe you will also see the enormous benefit it can have on for safety.

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