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Light’s L16 Wants to Replace Your Expensive DSLR

Light’s L16 is an Android-powered camera that promises to replace your expensive DSLR kit for 1/5 while keeping the same high quality. Does it seem almost too good to be true?

Light’s L16 is the first camera in the world that uses a truly unique multi-aperture design to create images up to 52 megapixels in resolution. The camera has a very small form-factor of a regular point-and-shoot but with DSLR level of quality and control over the exposure.

The key to this magic is the total of 16 individual cameras that shoot at several different focal lengths, which are then compiled by the camera software into a single high-resolution image.

Light's L16 camera

These images can be then processed and edited directly in the camera. The built-in Wi-Fi will let you connect to your printer or personal computer to further edit, archive and share your precious moments. You don’t have to worry about blurry pictures because you can always adjust focus and depth of field later. Carrying multiple lenses for different purposes should also become a thing of the past.  Light’s L16 has 35 – 150mm optical zoom for maximum convenience.

Many tech commentators have rightly pointed out that many of these statements may be nothing more than empty promises.

Light's L16 camera

These is a good reason why DSLR cameras cost as much as they do. They use very large sensors and expensive optical glass that can cost up to $1800 for just one kilogram. This glass uses exotic elements to minimalize many different optical defects and produce very high picture quality. DSLR cameras also offer an extremely convenient way of controlling various elements, with many dedicated buttons and fast response time.

It would be amazing to see this technology live up to its promises, but we are not convinced that it will.

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