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Powercube – solve your power supply needs with style

Connecting your house appliances can be quite a hassle. The manufacturers don’t make our lives any easier since many power plugs are overlapping the socket and preventing you from using the one right next to it. Powercube is a multifunctional system of power outlets designed specifically to eliminate these problems.

Powercube solves the issue simply by being in the shape of a cube. The additional benefit is modularity and flexibility. You can simply connect a new cube to an old one and don’t mess around with ugly extension cords.

Powercube uses a special stand equipped with a strong double sided tape. This allows you mount the cube virtually anywhere, even at the bottom side of your desk. It is recommended not to put more than 350 g of weight on the Powercube.

You can choose from several variations of Powercube. All of them share the same size of 7.7cm but differ in many other ways. There is the Powercube Original, which can be used standalone, or to expand PowerCube Extended or Extended USB, providing five additional outlets. Then you have Powercube Original USB, which has, in addition to 4 power outlets, a Dual USB-port. The USB port enables you to charge your phone, tablet or camera at 2100 mAh. A very practical addition to Powercube Original and Powercube Original USB is PowerRemote. PowerRemote can turn the PowerCube Remote ON/OFF from a distance using either your hands or feet. All of these versions can be purchased in their extended version with 5ft or 10ft cord.

Powercube Original costs $ 12.95 excl. VAT while the USB version it more expensive with its $ 19.95 price tag.

In 2014, Powercube became a winner of reddot award. The jury said, “The PowerCube is a particularly useful and elegant tool that ensures the availability of sufficient sockets at all times.” While true, I also see a lot of potential improvements. The most obvious one is a lack of protection circuits. I have always preferred to pay a little extra and use a solid and well design extension cord with fuse and overcurrent protection as a center of power in any room with expensive electronics. It gives a nice peace of mind since you never known when something might go wrong.

What do you think? Is Powercube a good solution for your own personal needs? Do you think that the price tag is adequate for what it offers?

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