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Read and Follow Headline News On The Go With Circa

Circa was already one of our favorite news reader apps for the iPhone, breaking stories down to only the essential facts, quotes or photos. And last month, it finally hit Android too.

Circa Android

Circa is different to other news readers as it uses an in-house team of editors to create each atomized story. Every segment of the article is sourced from multiple news outlets, but it’s the staff at Circa who piece them all together and manage each story within the app.

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Comments (2)

  1. Terry Johnson says:

    I type the *#0011# code in, get the information, but when trying the back, it dies nothing but stay on the information screen. ….. Any suggestions?

  2. AndroidOrg says:

    Strange. Have you tried re-installing the App? Let me know how you get on. We may need more clarification of this issue.

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