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SpaceBeard: A Space Shooter with a Good Sense of Humor

In SpaceBeard you play as an epically bearded space captain who is doing what he can to save his spaceship from attacking aliens. You have a substantial arsenal of weapons at your disposal, but you will need quick reactions to survive this alien massacre.

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SpaceBeard is a fast passed on-the-rails shooters where your goal is to kill everything that comes your way. Your spaceship has been invaded by aliens and it is up to you, a heroic space captain, to save it from otherwise inevitable doom.

The game has an attractive cartoony graphic style with plenty of details and good looking animations. Since you are going to cause a lot of mayhem developers put a lot of effort into making sure that every explosion looks fantastic.

During your space adventure, you will run across various monsters ranging from little worms, octopi, and even huge metal robots. With your trusty gun, you need to deal with every creepy-crawler you meet. You gen new guns from crates that you find on your journey or you can buy them for coins as you go. More advanced weapons, like RPG, laser guns, and harpoon, have a limited supply of ammunition with an exception to your basic machinegun which has an unlimited ammo.

The gameplay is very simple. You just have to make it as far as you can without dying. It sounds simple, but you can be sure that every single alien you will come across will do its best to prevent you from achieving that. Not only you have to deal with incoming aliens, but there are also holes in the ground to avoid and crates with ammo to collect. Not to mention coins that you can trade for upgrades and weapons.

The game is controlled using just two buttons. There is one button for jumping and the other one for shooting. You can double tap the jump button for double jump or triple tap it for fast fall.

The further you get the more ruthless your enemies become. Your equipment stays basically the same with only option to upgrade it being the so-called Armory. In essence, it is an in-app store with a variety of upgrades that you can buy for real money.

If you are in a mood for an endless shooter that will drive you insane give SpaceBeard a go. It is available on Play Store for $1.99.


  • Zombie, aliens and monsters everywhere
  • Huge explosions and epic visuals
  • Beautifully designed endless level gameplay
  • Google Play Leaderboards & Achievements
  • Progressive increase in level difficulty
  • Optimized for Android devices


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