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The touch technology has been integrated into most of the devices which we use routinely. It has become one of the most common media and daily interaction on tablets, Smartphone, digital cameras, game consoles and even the control display of the great appliances.

Despite the initial difficulties of the first touch screens, it took some time for users to become accustomed to the new interface. Today it is difficult to find mobile devices whose screen does not occupy the entire surface of the device, integrating a virtual keyboard series operating system function. Also allow you to install additional custom keyboards, providing greater accuracy and speed of response for data entry depending on user needs.

Unlike Apple, which offers a more integrated and somewhat more restrictive in iOS, with Android we are able to enjoy all kinds of virtual keyboards depending on the range of terminal and operating system version installed. In addition, Android allows you to customize our experience with the installation of new digital keyboards, adapting to user needs.

So we will analyze in this article the top 5 Android keyboards available, but the choice will depend on the user’s requirements and the time dedicated to write in our mobile.

1. Swype

Let’s start talking about one of the keyboards that revolutionized the experience of Android users when writing your messages and emails. The main feature of Swype with respect to other virtual keyboards is the option to slide your finger on keyboard to go drawing the letters we want to introduce to form words. Swype functionality is the introduction of short sentences without the need to put spaces, plus the ability to create our personal catalog of words.

Keyboard usability increases writing speed in a practical way, as an alternative to entering data by pressing in each of the letters, plus the convenience in writing while holding the device with one hand.

Swype supports 60 languages and 20 dialects, ability to write by sliding your finger, type or dictate to the application, and even change the keyboard theme in a variety of ways. Swype functionality is present in many of the native keyboards of Android devices, but you can download this application from the website of the keyboard, but since it is available in the Google Play.

2. SwiftKey 4

Another interesting alternative is an app called SwiftKey, also available in version keyboards Flow for medium and high. This application is considered one of the best keyboards for Android, especially in regard to predictive text. Obviously it has few disadvantages of text prediction systems as frequent errors misinterpretation of words. But if we need user experience, agility and comfort when typing quickly, a message or an email regardless of the style of a well written text, SwiftKey can be an interesting option.

In addition, the new version called SwiftKey 4 Flow incorporates a sliding mode writing style and functionality Swype Flow through Space, which allows complete sentences without lifting your finger from the keyboard, but just sliding your finger on the space bar after each word.

3. Thumb Keyboard

This keyboard combines the advantages of touch with the ergonomic advantages of a comfortable and effective writing. Thumb Keyboard solves the inconvenience of not being able to reach a key that is located right in the middle of the screen and that requires us to use both hands to complete a word.

This solves virtual keyboard ergonomics and usability of a deed without uncomfortable finger positions, central booking for numbers and placing letters on the sides of the panel. Similarly, incorporates the predictive text option using the normal input method and voice input. It also offers the ability to configure the interface with several themes to choose from default ones such as Honeycomb or ICS. This is available for both Smartphone and tablets.

4. TouchPal Keyboard

This is one of the keyboards that have experienced higher growth in difficult market for virtual keyboards. The developers of TouchPal Keyboard have shown that it is possible to offer an alternative to stiff competition as Swype or Swiftkey within applications for Android. On the other hand this application surprised by the speed and accuracy of word recognition with write mode swiping.

The difference with respect to other swiping keyboards is the easy access to strange characters and speed change to other types of keyboard like 12 letters and T9. It also offers excellent usability when cut, paste, delete, and move within the text with simple arrows. Besides having an excellent voice recognition system can recognize the context of the sentence to be introduced.

5. Go Keyboard

This keyboard is one of the most downloaded free virtual keyboards of Google Play with more than 50 million installations. One of the most interesting features of Go Keyboard language support is offered, all interchangeable from the top center button. Like Swiftkey and Swype also offers the ability to write by sliding your finger through the input method Slide.

However, although it is one of the most complete virtual keyboards, its interface allows many configuration options as Emoji, or other like Go Voice or Text Fantasy discharge requiring plugins to function. Another strength of the Go Keyboard, is the wide range of themes for customizing the interface and predictive text functionality where you can combine several languages at once.

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