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Top 5 Best Wallpaper Apps for Android

We have selected the best 5 wallpaper applications for Android to give you plenty different options how to spice up your smartphone.


[appbox googleplay screenshots net.nurik.roman.muzei]

Muzei is an awesome wallpaper app that really helps you spice up your home screen while keeping distractions to the minimum.

This is achieved thanks to the intelligent blurring and dimming of your wallpapers. Muzei automatically takes care of everything for you. When you feel like enjoying your background artwork in its full glory, you just double-tap anywhere on your homes screen to temporarily disable the blur effect.

The app is very developer-friendly and supports a wide range of different plugins. Muzei even supports Android Wear, which means that you can see your favorite wallpapers directly on your smartwatch.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.sharpregion.tapet]

Tapet is a one-of-the-kind application that is able to automatically generate a high-quality Material design inspired wallpaper.

It is an easy and effective way how to give your Android device a great and original look that you won’t get tired of. You can set the application to automatically generate new wallpaper once every hour or day.

Your wallpapers are always generated in the highest possible resolution and quality to make them fit your screen perfectly. Every new version includes different themes and since Tapet is not a live wallpaper you don’t have to worry CPU or memory usage.

The app is free with in-app purchase and we definitely recommend giving it a good try.


[appbox googleplay screenshots com.musenkishi.wally]

Wally is the go-to application for all fans of wallhaven.cc and their amazing selection of wallpapers. Everything is presented in a fluid and well-designed user interface with all filtering options you could ask for.

You can browser and save wallpapers, filter wallpapers by categories, resolution, or aspect ratio, search by text and tags, browse random wallpapers, and more.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that Wallhaven is still under active development, which means that certain features may break from time to time.


[appbox googleplay screenshots in.alphawolf.wallmax]

Wallmax is essentially an alternative to Wally. Both apps are very similar in their functionality and only differ in terms of slight design and feature differences.

Wallmax is able to automatically change wallpapers from a specific category, soft wallpaper by type or resolution, set purity, and many others.

Material design user interface is very well executed and using this application is a true pleasure.


[appbox googleplay screenshots net.zedge.android]

Zedge is a comprehensive app that offers free wallpapers, ringtones, and notification sounds to easily customize all aspects of your device.

Many other wallpaper applications let you download low-quality images that look horrible and unappealing. Zedge makes sure that each wallpaper offered is perfectly matched to your device for the best quality and experience. You can additionally search with suggestions, sort wallpapers by categories, set ringtones and notification sounds, and even add favorites without downloading.

All of this excellent functionality is offered for free, which means that there is nothing preventing you from making your phone feel unique and beautiful.


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