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Technology is in full pace and you’ve got a lot of devices and apps for most of your entertainment. Now, if you are an Android user and if you want so enhance photography on you Android, you can check out the below discussed top 5 camera apps.


 1. Camera Zoom FX

Camera ZOOM FX   Android Apps on Google Play

This Android app comes at a price of $2.99 and is specifically a camera app stuffed with a good number of features that enhance both shooting as well as editing. It facilitates you with a handful of free expansion packages to embed celebrities or underpinnings to your images.

This app is fast and enables you to customize your featured buttons to certain features such as zoom, snapshot and many more. With this, you can have a view of the live effects along with options like white balance, autofocus, night shots, etc.

2. Vignette

Vignette   Android Apps on Google Play

This in fact, is a handy and multipurpose camera app for Android and is enabled with nine varied shooting modes along with a wide range of effects and frame styles. Even if its interface is not that attractive, it has a good number of amazing features while its Pro version costing $3.99 is capable of using resolutions more than 0.8 megapixels.

Its nice shooting modes are namely Normal, Fast shot, Blind, Steady shot, Time lapse, Self timer, Grid, Strip and Double.

3. Little Photo

Little Photo Plugin

Little Photo works fast and has an easy-to-use interface. Simply, tap on the screen of your Android device to capture an image and then tap on your captured image to get a list of image editing tools, effects, filters, etc. It is available for free, but if you get a plug-in of the app for $3.85, you will get assistance of cropping, adjusting contrast, adjusting exposure and controlling saturation.

Little photo has an inspiring menu of features which consists various filters and tools along with a good number of combinations to implemented and hence this camera app is likely to do wonders for your Android device.

4. Pudding Camera

Pudding Camera

This is also free camera app from KTH and accompanies various varied camera types and films for you to prefer your desired ones. With this app, you get access to quick exposure control, tap-to-shoot feature and assistance to front-facing cameras. One big issue with this that the maximum image resolution will be 1,280 pixels.

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This app supports with great effects, fast save times and delivers quality photos. You are enabled with camera options like fish-eye, panorama, macro, and action along with film options like sepia, monochrome, classic, and vivid settings.

5. BeFunky PhotoEditor

BeFunky - Top 5 Camera Apps for your Android Device

This is a camera app for your Android device with good features and smooth interface and while being ads-free, it is also available for free. You’ve got all the features you need to edit and give a cool look to your images before you display it before others. But if you get the Pro version priced at $3.99, you will be benefitted with almost double the features.

Our Verdict

So, these are the top 5 apps that you can use for your Android device to get the photographing skill of your device enhanced. This list has been prepared based on some criteria such as features, speed and assistance.

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